Walking Definitions

For your convenience, Fidelity/US Coach Tours has rated all of our trips for walking.  This added benefit will help you understand how much walking may or maynot be needed on a trip or tour.


In our printed brochure, you will see theWalking Shoe icon with a number (1 through 4).  This indicates the level of walking as described below.  On our online trip calendar, you will see a Walking Level rating at the bottom of each trip.


Walking Level 1 - This tour involves minimal physical activity. It requires climbing of some stairs, boarding the motor coach and walking from a parking lot area to the attraction.


Walking Level 2 - This tour requires that you be able to climb stairs and walk reasonable distances, possibly over uneven ground and cobblestone streets.


Walking Level 3 - This tour includes moderate physical activity. The itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days and more leisure time. Walking tours, as well as walking slightly longer distances, up stairs or uneven walking surfaces should be expected. 


Walking Level 4 - To truly experience the program and destination, you need to be able to participate in physical activities such as longer walking tours, walking over uneven terrain, climbing stairs and periods of standing. Some of the touring days may be longer with select included activities occurring later in the evening.


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